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Vaping Isn't A Light Switch

Michael C
First & foremost, you have to want to give up the cigarettes to make the switch. If you ultimately don’t want to give it up then you won’t, it’ll be a vicious cycle of vaping & smoking until you decide enough is enough.
Yes vaping can be hard to navigate but it’s easy to get advice from all outlets
When you start vaping, the initial outlay will cost more than a packet of cigarettes.
A standard kit / setup can cost anywhere between $19.99 and $100.
Then it is always advisable to buy some spare coils and some spare liquids, you’ll need to source your nicotine from overseas & have it mailed to yourself. The cost of this can be recouped by not smoking for the first week.
It’s not uncommon to fall off the band wagon a few times at the start & sometimes the first device isn’t always the right fit for you, I personally went through 6 or so devices before I found “the one” for me. Liquids are much the same, I believe it was 3 years before I found my ADV (all day vape). Whilst I was happy chopping & changing flavours all the time it never truely satisfied my cravings.
Nicotine levels - I personally started at 3mg freebase, found this wasn’t enough and upped it to 6mg for a while. After about a year or so I came back down to 3mg
I never liked the “burn” freebase nicotine gave me, so I discovered salts, from there I switched to 3mg salts & have stayed there for a long time. This may work for you, it may not - vaping is trial & error.
Yes you will spend money on flavours you don’t like, yes you will spend money on devices you hate - it’s hand in hand sometimes
Different people take to vaping in different ways and timelines. Some take one puff, and that’s it, they toss the cigarettes and vape from then on and never look back.
Others take a while to get used to it, as it is not as simple as smoking a tobacco cigarette. The tobacco cigarette is the ultimate in simple design, all brands look the same and it is a case of light up and smoke so it can be overwhelming,
Some people deliberately avoid tobacco flavours as they want to move away from smoking as quickly as possible.
The choice is yours.
Coughing – Almost all smokers cough when they first make the switch to vaping. Vapour can feel ‘thicker’ when you first start vaping, this slight change in sensation can trigger a cough.
Also some smokers can take a day or two getting used to the change in inhalation technique. But don’t worry, any cough will pass for most people within a day or two.
Dry mouth – E-liquid contains Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin, which are hygroscopic. This means that they absorb water.
They will take the water from your mouth and add it to the vapor you breathe out. As a result, you may experience a dry mouth.
This sounds dramatic, but simply increasing the amount of water you drink until you are used to vaping usually helps.
Getting the set up correct right at the start will save you money, so I suggest you pop into a store and get a hands-on demonstration, plus valuable face to face advice. Nicotine cannot be sold in Australia but most stores are happy to show you where to purchase legally, we cannot make the decisions for you but we can arm you with the advice to make the switch.
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