Are vaping and e cigarettes the same?

While they are not quite the same, vaping and e-cigarettes are closely connected.

Known by many as an e-cigarette or e-cig, an electronic cigarette is a device that mimics the process of smoking. It usually consists of a cartridge or tank that stores a liquid solution, frequently including flavourings, chemicals, and nicotine, an atomiser (heating element), and a battery. The liquid in the gadget is heated by the batteries to create an aerosol or vapour that is inhaled by the user. Originally designed as a substitute for conventional tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes are popular among those trying to give up smoking.

Contrarily, the term "vaping" refers to the use of a wider range of electronic devices—not just e-cigarettes—to inhale vaporised substances. While e-cigarettes are one kind of vaping device, the term "vaping" can also refer to the use of larger, more adjustable devices that are frequently used to vape other substances like THC or CBD oils or e-liquids that contain nicotine. These devices, which are sometimes referred to as box mods, vape pens, or vape mods, can provide more functions and customization choices than conventional e-cigarettes.

In conclusion, vaping is the broad act of inhaling vaporised substances using various devices; e-cigarettes are one sort of vaping equipment. The term "vaping" has expanded in usage to refer to inhaling chemicals other than nicotine through electronic devices; it is no longer exclusively linked with e-cigarettes.
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