Candy King Range - 100ml RTV

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Worms E-Liquid is an exquisite concoction of the classic gummy crawlers, with a burst of fruity flavours that delivers a sensational sweet and sour profile.

Pink Squares

Those fruity, chewy candies that we all know and love have some flavours that are more famous than others and the pink one is most definitely the superstar of the group. You won't have to dig through the bag for these elusive little treasures anymore. Every inhale is a rush of vibrant, sweet fruity flavour that will have your senses going into overdrive. You're going to make this juice your new daily companion in no time!

Peachy Rings

One of everybody's favourite candy flavours is here and it's so incredibly realistic tasting that your mind will be completely shocked that it's not the actual thing. Sweet peachy flavour that's aromatic and bold with a fun sour kick afterwards. The best way to enjoy treats completely guilt free with all of the taste you expect in an easy, convenient vape juice form that will have you hooked!


Swedish brings everyone's childhood favourite fish-shaped chewy fruity gummy candy

Lemon Drops

Sweet and sour lemon candy flavoured blend that's perfectly balanced with just the right amount of mouth puckering tartness and sugary goodness to make it so pleasurable to vape. One inhale of this juice and you'll be smiling for hours on end!

Strawberry Watermelon Bubble Gum

Strawberry Watermelon eJuice is a yummy rendition of your favourite strawberry and watermelon bubblegum. So close in flavour, you'll be tempted to chew your vapour.


Sweet and sour candy confection that features a fruity collection of 
sweet orange, cherry, lemon and lime sour patch and sprinkled with sugar

Strawberry Belts

Deliciously yummy sweet and sour strawberry candy e-liquid that delivers the vapor goodness you'll crave all day long without all the excess calories. Bonus!

Berry Dweebz

The BRAND NEW flavour from the mix master gurus at Dripmore!

Say hello to the sweet and tart flavour, Berry Dweebz!

Please Note: All packaging and some names have changed for Candy King products due to USA regulations but still remains the great taste!

Ratio: 70/30

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