Masterblend Range - 50ml RTV

  • $18.90


Ultra rich and sweet ripe tropical mango flavour paired with lychee. Super tasty, a must try for mango flavour lovers.



A great mix of orange and pineapple in a single combination gives Masterblend Tromix a taste like no other.



A refreshing mix of honeydew and mixed berry to give it a sweet and smooth taste. Definitely one for the road.



A refreshing strawberry e-liquid with sweet & sour fruits to give it a taste like no other. One flavour to look out for!



The refreshing taste of pomegranate with hints of wild berries that is said  to amuse you whenever you vape.


Super Star

Rich and sweet ripe tropical blackcurrant flavour and mixed berries. Super tasty, a must try for blackcurrant flavour lovers.


A great combination of sweet and sour Guava, to give it an refreshing all day vape flavour!

RATIO : 60/40



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