Secret Bunker Vapour Range - Ready To Vape

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A very unlikely meeting between these fruits. Crisp watermelon which gets wrapped in golden mango and dunked in highly concentrated purple grape juice. Cantalope jumped in to stop the violence.
Such a rich flavour selection will make this complex mix a must in every millionaire’s pocket or those who are almost there.


Cherry and Raspberry jam as made by grandma with a family secret recipe passed down from every generation. Using the most ripe plump red Cherry and most gentle softest Raspberry picked from the country garden.
While she was closing the lid a small Hibiscus flower got carried in by the fresh gentle wind through the window and sneaked in to the jar.



Too hot to handle, fresh deep fried apple pie, as you would find in fast food giant restaurant. The crisp outer goodness with soft warm inner apple filling will leave you licking your fingers. We recommend you try this while eating a soft serve.


RATIO: 70/30

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