Silk Road Vapour Range - 60ml Ready To Vape

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Silk Road Vapour was founded in 2016 in the suburbs of greater Western Sydney. Silk Road Vapour’s humble origins began when founder Josh decided to take his passion for DIY to the next level. Josh had previously been DIY'ing for several years, devoting countless hours in the hope to produce some fine creations, creations that Silk Road Vapour now brings to the Australian vaping community!

Watermelon Crush

Crushed watermelon and ice! Throw in a touch of berry syrup and a hint of peach, perfect for a warm sunny afternoon. Very refreshing!

Banana Smoothie

It all starts with ripe banana's, full cream milk, a touch of brown sugar and a hint of cinnamon. A fresh velvety taste that rolls off the tongue. Definitely a summertime favourite!

Banana Bake

Rich and nutty banana bread fresh from the oven. A crispy exterior with a warm fluffy interior. Complete with a pinch of cinnamon sugar and drizzled with home made vanilla syrup

Cin City

Who doesn’t love a warm soft home made cinnamon doughnut, straight out of the fryer! Extra cinnamon sugar added on top is a must!!!

Hillside Custard

Nothing tastes quite as good as rich creamy vanilla custard poured over a warm pudding on a winter’s night. This is our very own vanilla custard with a twist. We have added hints of butterscotch and caramel, providing a warm dense flavour. A winter favourite

Nonna's Cookie Dough

Straight from the kitchen to the bottle! A careful mixture of home made butter, thickened cream, fresh vanilla bean, dark vanilla syrup and castor sugar. Blend it all together and you have the best cookie dough there ever was.

Pineapple J-Bomb

An explosion of pineapple tapioca jelly pearls mixed in with a fresh blend of apple and peach juice. Quite the mouthful, we know!!!

Silky Milky Road

A fresh strawberry milkshake topped with a healthy scoop of Neapolitan ice cream then drizzled with sweet strawberry syrup. This isn't your average corner store milkshake!!! 

Vanilla Nut Tobacco

A strong blend of nutty tobacco with a touch of butterscotch and vanilla. Save it for the special occasions, its worth it.

Apple Sour Straps

Too good to share, too great not to!  A sugar dusted sweet apple candy inhale with a pinch of tarty sourness. Pucker up! 


Rich cuban tobacco with a touch sweet cherry cocoa sprinkled within those golden leaves. An after dinner treat.

Sweet Virginian tobacco with the faintest hint of red apple. Finished with an icy fresh menthol pop. Irresistibly refreshing.

Ratio: 70/30

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