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Vape Mods Australia Can Trust

Variable Watt (VW)/ Variable Volt (VV) mods are larger than pen vapes, more durable, and pack a more powerful punch. They can also produce more vapour, making for an improved throat hit and enhancing the flavour of your e juice of choice.  

Our online store has a range of the best VW/VV vape mods and mech mods money can buy, with options to suit vapers on every level from Entry to Expert.

A winning range of VW/ VV Vape mods for sale online 

Take control of your vape with our range of VW/VV mods for sale. With adjustable voltage and wattage, these vape mods make it easy to try out a whole range of atomizers, coil types and wire sizes, as well as adjust and control the output power from the batteries.

As well as being flexible and customisable, the range of VW/VV vape mods listed on our online store come with a whole lot of useful safety features, which makes them a solid choice to buy for both beginner and expert vapers in Australia. 

Mech Mods for the experienced vaper

When it comes to total customisation of your vaping experience, you can’t go past mech mods, and we’ve sourced some of the best designs from around the world. They’re completely customisable, and without all the electronic circuitry of the VW/VV vapes you have much more room to experiment with the premium rebuildable atomizers, coils and RTA/RDTA tanks we have for sale.

We are excited to make this excellent range of mech vape mods available to buy online here in Australia.


Mech mods these are not for people who are new to vaping. They require a solid understanding of Ohm’s Law and battery safety and are for experienced vapers only.

Need help choosing the right vape mod for you?

At Juice Cartel we aim to always provide our customers across Australia with the highest quality vape mods, supplies and accessories that we’ve source from all over the world.

If you have any uncertainties about which of our vape mods is the right choice for you to buy, get in touch via our online contact page and we can help find right vape mod for you and your requirements.