Kiwi Az Range - 100ml Ready To Vape

  • $29.99

Straight from over the pond Kuzzie we bring you Kiwi Az - These 6 beautiful well crafted ejuices are mean az!


Straight up apples, baked in a pie - CHURR farr wicked!


What!? A BANANA and TOFFEE PIE vape!?

Up to Kuzzie - gotta try some of this yo, it's wicked!

Mean Az

Not just your average vanilla, we’ve made ours fully MEAN AS!


Started with some berries then we added some lychee and far out… Came out TU-MEKE!

Hard Out

You do the HOKEY POKEY and you turn yourself around - that's what it's all about. 

Bringing you back to one of New Zealand's favourite sweets, a honeycomb treat! 

Yea Nah

At first it's kinda like YEAH its peachy but then its like NAH its creamy as!

Ratio: 70/30

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