Sicboy Range - 60ml RTV

  • $30.00


Like a mouthful of rich, creamy, decadent praline ice cream, M.B.Y.C. blends praline with creamy, sweet ice cream, and just a touch of vanilla custard to round out the flavor and make it true to life.

M.B.Y.C Fried

Delicious balls of rich, creamy, decadent praline ice cream coated in batter and deep-fried to perfection!


A sweet, decadent, warm cherry strudel covered in rich, melty vanilla ice cream!


A creamy fresh blueberry dessert with bakery notes.


What do you get when you take the delicious crunchy cinnamon crumbles from a cobbler and use them as the crust from your homemade blueberry cheesecake? YOU GET CATATONIC!

Wedding Crasher

A moist carrot cake flavor complete with an ample helping of fancy cream cheese frosting.


Flaky, buttery layers of puff pastry with fresh sweet strawberries and thick pastry cream sandwiched between them!

Sicker Than Most

A Delicious creamy, Fruity blend of ripe strawberries and tangy tangerines covered in sweet cream.. Are you not watering?

Your Mom

Your Mom is a perfect balance of sweet, tangy and fruity, combining tangy Greek and smooth traditional style yogurts together in perfect harmony, add some sweet ripe strawberries and a few wedges of freshly sliced nectarine!

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