888 Vapes Australia Range - 60ml Ready To Vape

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888 Vapes Australia is a premium e-juice handcrafted in Tasmania, 888 Vapes Australia offer fruit and dessert flavours to suit everyone's palate.


Blueberries blended seamlessly with ripe pears to deliver a punchy full flavoured vape.


Creamy strawberry yoghurt with just the right balance between sweet ripe strawberries & creamy yoghurt.

Fat Bastard

An absolute must have for butterscotch lovers or fans of dessert juices, this is delicious butterscotch topped with a dollop of cream.

Killer Mango

If you're a super fan of Mango vapes, you cannot go past this one! It's a full on true Mango flavour that will leave you wanting more...

Summer Daze

Featuring a selection of some of Queensland's finest summer fruits; Mango, Pineapple & Passionfruit. 

Morning Glory

Featuring notes of Orange & Mango, this is the perfect vape to start your day with. Full flavoured but not overpowering, this is another vape that you won't put down in a hurry.

Red Mist

Juicy red apples with a burst of strawberries. 

Green'd Out

Green'd out is a sweet fruity all day vape featuring Kiwi Fruit & Green Apples. 

Mr. Pink

Sweet juicy apples paired with guava make this juice an excellent all day vape!

Purple Haze

Sweet ripe strawberries with an explosion of grape.

Apple F'n Danish

You want an Apple Danish Vape, this is an Apple F'n Danish!! 

Blue Nuts

This is a kick arse Blueberry donut vape.

Three C's

This is the ultimate creamy caramel custard vape

Ratio: 70/30

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