Basic Batch Range - 120ml Ready To Vape

  • $24.99

Everything is basic except the flavour with Basic Batch.


A big blast of pure menthol and Ice. 

Blue Raspberry

The Ripest Blue Raspberry Fruit Deliciousness!


A rainbow medley of sweets and candies!

Mixed Berry

Enjoy this mixed summer berry fruit explosion!

Mixed Berry Lemonade

All of your favourite berries, expertly crushed and squeezed into a juicy lemonade juice!


Energy Energy!! This sweet drink will certainly make you fly!


Just good ol' straight up Blackcurrant juice!

Jaw Breaker

The childhood favourite Gobstopper flavour with a bubblegum center!

Grape Soda

This juice is a real purple grape soda nectar!


Just good old Orange juice!


Ratio : 70/30

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