Beard Vape Co Colours Range - 60ml Ready To Vape

  • $24.99

Beard Blue

Close your eyes and pretend that you’re swaying in a hammock at an island resort that’s so close to the sea you can smell the ocean air. One vape of blue e-liquid zips you away to an island paradise, where a server comes to hand you a bright blue tropical drink infused with honeydew melon and sliced cucumber. The exotic combination of flavors gives your senses an invigorating jolt and bathes your taste buds in refreshing flavor. When you inhale, hints of sliced cucumber are carried on a center of perfectly ripe melon.

Beard Pink

A bold blend that will leave your mouth watering for more. The flavor profile combines the exotic flavors of mango and lychee berries for a truly tropical experience. On the inhale, a smooth cloud of fresh and juicy mangoes rolls across your tongue, followed by a hint of tart lychee berries. 

Beard Red

A dreamy swirl of heavy cream and just-picked strawberries makes Red E-Juice an easy favorite for vapers who love fruit and dessert flavors. The smooth taste of sweet cream balances with a bold strawberry flavor that’s like making off with a whole bushel of juicy strawberries! This is a max-VG e-liquid, but the flavor still comes on strong with its irrepressible sweetness. It’s like all the good parts of a strawberry shortcake.



Ratio : 80/20

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