BFC Elixirs Range - 30ml Ready To Vape

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A smooth and sweet, but not too sweet, buttery vanilla custard. Just like Grandma used to make! Can be vaped on the mix but really needs a good month of steeping to bring out the golden excellence.


Strawberries and cream spooned over a bowl of good homemade vanilla ice cream. You know the kind. Abundant, vanilla but not abundant sweetener. This is not your average or regular strawberries and cream. The strawberry for one is not all up in your face laced to death with sugar. It is more of a tantalising backup to the vanilla rich creaminess. A month after mixing and the creaminess of it is simply delicious!


Lemon cheesecake. Not lemon vape that maybe has something else in the background. On the mix you get fresh abundant tasty lemon but after a few days the cheesecake starts to develop and the other flavours in the background start to mature. The lemon backs off whilst this all goes on. Then after some time in the steep draw it becomes a delightful lemon cheesecake with a mild biscuity base you can almost taste.

Peach Off Jack!

Juicy Peach with the fresh burst of Ripe Mango, blended with sweet tea and ice. Its always Summertime somewhere right? Shake and Vape friendly!

You Jelly Bro?

Mouth watering fruity candy jelly. Its like taking a trip back in time when you could gorge yourself on soft jelly lollies. Only NO CALORIES! Shake 'n Vape friendly!

The Dragons Sack

It's a little bit exotic. It's a little bit tangy. It's a refreshing blend of Dragonfruit, Cranberry, Lemon and Peaches. It's The Dragon's Sack. Burlap? Cotton? Polyester? What kind of sack it is, is a mystery!

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