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Cartel Blvd Candle Co.

Cartel Blvd Candle Co. | 350g

Cartel Blvd Candle Co. | 350g

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A perfectly scrumptious blend of creamy caramel, pistachios and decadent vanilla bean.


The gentle green citrus complements the sweet floral note with a touch of honey, supported by woody and powdery base.

Morning Roast

This fragrance perfectly captures the essence of piping hot, dark roast coffee with an energizing, crisp top and rich espresso base.


A warming scent that comforts the senses. Sparkling orange interweaved with coconut, apple and tangerine on a bed of magnolia and jasmine spread over the nostalgic mix of musk, amber and vanilla reminiscent of days well spent.


This fragrance celebrates strength, vision and success, inspired by the dramatic life of war, peace and romance lived by Napoleon Bonaparte. It is an provocative, masculine and optimistic fragrance.


Luxurious fragrance oil inspired by W Hotel’s Signature Hotel fragrance, based off Marc Jacob’s Daisy perfume.

Sorbet à l'orange

The classic aroma of sweet, candied orange zest swirled with frosted vanilla cream, tangy mandarin juice, white citron, and a scrumptious dash of sparkling cane sugar.

Cartel Blvd Candle Co. | 350g

cartel blvd candle co.

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