Cassadaga Liquids - Cannoli Range - 60ml - Ready To Vape

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Cannoli Be One

Indulge within its perfectly layered flavors of cream, pastry, vanilla, and chocolate. Just as tasty as the real thing minus the guilt and the waistline expansion.

Cannoli Be Mine

Take the already delectable flavor of their flagship eliquid Cannoli Be One, and drizzles it with a strawberry glaze. All the flakey pastry and multi-layered vanilla cream filling, with an extra helping of sweet strawberry goodness.

Cannoli Be Cookie

A flavor so delicious, it’s reserved for only the most seasoned pastry vape connoisseur. It’s a cannoli like no other, made with a cookies and cream shell, filled with delicious cannoli cream, and topped with a light chocolate drizzle.

Cannoli Be Breakfast

Ramirez handed Connor a cannoli unlike any ever before seen… A cannoli coated in fruity breakfast cereal bits. The most delicious cannoli of them all.

Cannoli Be Nuts

Crunchy cannoli pastry, rich vanilla cream filling and the nutty, earthy taste of pistachios. It’s Cassadaga’s flagship cannoli blend, with a nutty twist. You Cannoli Be Nuts not to try a bottle.

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