Charlie's Chalk Dust Range - 60ml Ready To Vape

  • $24.99

Famous blends of deliciousness from Charlie's Chalk Dust.

Jam Rock

A Sour Apple Glow Pop.

Slam Berry

Farm fresh strawberry ice cream that is so creamy yet sweet it will leave you searching for more. Enjoy this dessert daily without the worry of having to count the calories!

King Bellman

Brown Sugar Tobacco & Vanilla.

Dream Cream (Sweet Dream)

A rich vanilla cream with hints for fudge and notes of cinnamon.

Head Bangin Boogie

A tropical blueberry Popsicle that will knock your pants off.

Mustache Milk

Savoury cereal soaked in something sweet.

Wonder Worm

Crystallised gummy worms laced with psychedelic sweet tarts.

Big Berry

Watermelon Blasted with Blueberry Jelly Beans. Delicious to the last drop.

Black Ice

Blackberry Cucumber Menthol

CCD3 Sea Salt Savory Caramel & Ice Cream

A savoury caramel ice cream with sea salt. An absolutely delightful experience.

Campfire Outdoors & Smores

Sticky fire roasted marshmallows, milk chocolate layer, smashed between two graham crackers.

Ratio: 70/30

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