Cloud Patrol Range - 80ml Ready To Vape

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Another tasty creation from Cloud Vapory

Betty Blue

Good old Betty has never steered you wrong before , Betty Blue takes the classic, fluffy, cloud-like cotton candy that we all know, love and probably have a few fillings because of and infuses it with a rush of bold blueberry that gives this old standby a new and improved update.

Carolina Cookie

You don't have to make the pilgrimage all the way down to Carolina to get this decadent, unique dessert style flavor that's sure to become a quick favorite. We all love sweets, it's a known fact. Carolina Cookie takes some fresh out of the oven, cinnamon sprinkled snickerdoodle cookies and crumbles them into a tub of double churned ice cream.

Lady Luck 

You'll be asking yourself what more could you ever want whenever you load this into your tank and taste its flavor that gives you just what you needed to get through with a smile, craving free and ready to have fun. Lady Luck brings together crisp, refreshing honeydew melon with some double churned, rich vanilla ice cream that pairs with it flawlessly.

 Ratio: 70/30

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