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Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady Fruits Range - 60ml Ready To Vape

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Dinner Lady Fruits Range - 60ml Ready To Vape


Delicious fruits range from Dinner Lady.

Tropical Fruits

Combining pineapple and guava for a tropical fruit blend!

Pink Berry

A cocktail of sweet citrus and mixed berries that’s fruity and fun


Purple Rain

Embrace the fruity fun by letting your senses dance in this purple rain with drops of blueberry, raspberry and lemon.


Berry Blast

A blast of cherries paired with a hint of raspberry. This cherry berry magic mix will blow your mind


Melon Twist

Seriously twisted melon with kiwi, let your taste buds devour it’s tangled delicious glory


Pink Wave

Ride the pink strawberry, lemon and coconut wave and let the flavours carry you like never before


Ratio: 70/30

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