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Dovpo Premade Ni80 Coil Kit 42 Pack

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Dovpo Premade Ni80 Coil Kit 42 Pack


Dovpo Pre-made Ni80 Coil Kit is the ultimate coil kit complete with 7 different Ni80 coil options and packed with Japanese organic cotton.

Convenient and tote-able storage case included. 

6x Fused Clapton  0.34Ω
6x Tri-core Fused Clapton 0.21Ω
6x Staple 0.34Ω
6x Framed Staple 0.3Ω
6x Multi-strands Fused Clapton 0.32Ω
6x Chain Link  0.32Ω
6x Juggernaut 0.36Ω
12x Japanese Cotton Bands

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