Fantasi Ice Range - 65ml Ready To Vape

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Fantasi is a fruit flavoured vape juice brand originated from Malaysia and currently has more than 50,000 fans around the world.

Watermelon Ice

Fantasi's new line of e-liquids, the Mix series introduces a new but familiar flavour, Watermelon. Its sweet and refreshing taste with extra cooling makes this flavour perfect for a hot day, or for who prefer a colder version of this e-liquid. Experience the Mix effect today!

Mango Grape Ice

Fantasi Mix series' Mango Grape Ice is the colder twist of the low mint variant, blending together ripe and sweet mangoes with the refreshing taste of grapes. This e-juice is perfect if you want your vape hit to be a bit more refreshing.

Grape Ice

Fantasi Grape Ice is one of the bestsellers in the Fantasi series of products. Super delectable grape soda with an unbelievable cooling sensation. Experience it yourself.

Strawberry Apple Ice

Fantasi's Strawberry Apple Ice e-liquid from the Mix series will take your taste buds on an entrancing journey. This fresh strawberry and apple e-liquid blend give this flavour an unforgettable refreshing experience.

Apple Ice

Fantasi Apple Ice is inspired by a fizzy apple soda flavoured e-juice with a twist of coolness. Delicious apple soda with a strong but not overpowering cooling sensation. Experience it for yourself

Lemonade Ice

Fantasi Lemonade Ice is a lemon flavoured soda based e-liquid that provides a cool and refreshing vaping experience.

Mango Ice

Fantasi Mango Ice is a delicious mango flavour with Fantasi's signature fizzy kick. Tasty, cold and refreshing, This e-liquid is perfect for warm weather vaping. Get a hit of this refreshing vape today.

Orange Ice

Fantasi Orange Ice is a refreshing glass of icy cold orange soda pop on a warm summer day. This delightful orange cooling vape is incredibly flavourful and aromatic. Orange Fantasi Ice is a spot on rendition of your favorite orange carbonated beverage. So delicious that you may be tempted to drink your e juice.

Ratio: 70/30

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