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Horizon Sakerz Master Subohm Tank

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Horizon Sakerz Master Subohm Tank


In comparison to HorizonTech's well-known Sakerz tank, the Sakerz Master tank features an extremely smooth and accurate airflow that allows the user to fine-tune their vaping style with ease while producing a rich, deep flavour as well as a significant amount of vapour and has a 5ml E-Liquid Capacity

Most categories of users are now being targeted with this tank. With the release of the Sakerz Master tank, Horizon Tech has introduced a new Sakerz coil that is included with the tank. The new Sakerz coil is a 0.4ohm Mesh coil with wood pulp cotton that performs best at around 40w, as opposed to the previous Sakerz coils, which were only available in 0.16 and 0.17ohm resistances and performed best at around 70w previously.

Changing out the coils is straightforward and quick; a tool is included with the tank to guarantee good coil seating, which reduces the likelihood of leaking and ensures a solid surface contact for continuous power transition.

  • 5ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • Mesh Coils
  • Easy Coil Changing

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