Hunting Cloudz Range - 60ml Ready To Vape

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It's rare to find blackcurrants in the Aotearoa wilderness.

For generations our family have gathered these pockets of joy from the deepest darkest corners of the Kaweka forests, carefully transported home to be baked into a soft donut filling. It's currant-ly foraging season in the land of the long white cloud, and we are proud to bring the experience of our nonna's harvest berry donut from our family to yours. Chur!

Watermelon Cooler

A light, sweet, and juicy watermelon with a very cool hit. Keeps you refreshed. Easy to vape all day. 

Sour Blackberry

Sickly sweet and sour blackberries blended into an incredible e-liquid that will make you pucker!

Mandarin Harvest

The gentle sun of Hawke's Bay produces the world's finest citrus, and the masterminds behind Hunting Cloudz have bottled them for your enjoyment. Sweet, juicy, bursting with flavour - delicious!

Blue Kiwi Crush 

A handful of blueberries and kiwi fruit made love in a blender, and here we are. Mouth-watering juiciness, you won't be able to put it down!

Strawberry Earthshake

We've combined ripe, juicy strawberries with chunks of sweet, exotic DragonFruit, then throw it all in a blender with a splash of the creamiest New Zealand milk.

Ratio: 70/30

Product of Aotearoa 

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