Hustler Range - 50ml Ready To Vape

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Take your taste buds for a spin with this tropical mix of three different varieties of sweet, succulent and fragrant mangoes. A perfect blend to capture its exotic profile.


Refreshing and zesty blend of citric fruits with enough sweetness to exhilarate your sense.


Delivers the rich and sweet taste of vine-ripened grapes. A juicy hit of this delicious fruit with every puff that is both smooth and satisfying.


Classic taste that you’d expect from freshly picked orchard apples bursting with flavour. A slight tartness paired with a sweet honey crisp


Experience the sweet taste of Mango juice together with bountiful Black Currant and a hint of Mint. A sensational treat for your taste buds from this mind-blowing flavour combination.


Let your taste bud take a journey of the freshness of ripe strawberry taste combine with a fairly sharp taste pomegranate.


Tune your vaping experience with the sensation of double apple flavour, that gives you the great feeling of apple shisha flavour to be enjoyed all day!


Ratio 60/40


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