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Monster Vape

Jam Monster Range - 100ml Ready To Vape

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Jam Monster Range - 100ml Ready To Vape


Meet the king of breakfast Jam Monster by Monster Vape Labs

Black Cherry

Delivering notes of freshly baked toast layered with rich butter and a smear of sweet yet tart Black Cherry jam for a rich, scrumptious breakfast treat. 


A sweetly tart aromatic apricot jam spread over a thick slice of buttered toast that will truly delight the senses.


A scrumptious mix of jam, butter, toast, and juicy peachy heaven.


Imagine a smooth caramelized banana jam combined with rich creamy buttery toast for a vaping sensation that is sublime.


As you inhale Jam Monster Lemon the taste of a lemon tart will have your taste buds begging for more with every puff you take. This vape juice is the perfect combination of sweet and tart that you will ever be able to find. As you exhale, the tartness subsides leaving just the savory flavor behind to have you puffing on it all day long.

Mixed Berry

As you inhale Jam Monster Mixed Berries vape juice, the taste of strawberries will hit your taste buds and make you stagger back with the authentic taste. Then, the taste of blackberries combines in with the strawberries to create a sweet yet slightly tart fusion. As you exhale, the taste of blueberries give it one last hint of sweetness before the toast flavor comes in and brings the entire flavor into a full circle. This vape juice will certainly make any day better with just one puff. 


Start your morning right with a buttered slice of toast smeared with strawberry jam. Jam Monsters offers a tasty breakfast food inspired treat with Strawberry Jam. The inhale gives you the taste of the fruity, sweet strawberry jam. The exhale delivers the buttered piece of toast which wraps around the lingering flavor of the strawberry jam.


Apple cinnamon jam on buttered toast. Just absolutely delicious and mouth watering! Grab a bottle today and have breakfast on the go!


Enjoy a cloud of rich buttery flavor with Jam Monster’s Blueberry Jam. This e-liquid incorporates a blueberry jelly spread over a warm piece of buttered toast. The inhale has the subtle bite of a tart blueberry. The exhale takes the lingering blueberry taste and lies it over a buttery piece of warm toast.


Once you make the greatest decision of your life by buying this fantastic e-liquid, you will notice the velvety buttery toast flavor combined with hints of a fruity blast of grape jam to finish off. It is truly one vape juice that is hard to describe and definitely a must try!! Jam Monster Grape is the most anticipated e-liquid flavor of 2017 and possibly of the decade.


Blackberry Jam Monster is one of the freshest new vape flavors to hit the vape scene. Imagine a prominent Blackberry Jam blended with creamy butter and toast. Jam Monster is a perfect comfort food you won't be able to get enough of, even in 100 ml bottles. Jam Monster is jam packed with flavor. Blackberry Jam, Toast and Butter aren't just for breakfast anymore


Do you crave breakfast all day long? Your fix is here! Jam Monster Raspberry will beat all of your breakfast cravings. With its authentic taste and flavor nothing can compare! The sweet flavor of ripe raspberries with the complementary flavor of butter makes you believe you just took a bite of toast.

PB & Strawberry Jam

A fine layer of peanut butter followed by a dollop of strawberry jam 

PB & Grape Jam

A sweet nutty peanut butter with grape jam spread over warm buttered toast for a delectable breakfast juice that will make the mouth water uncontrollably. 

PB & Banana Jam 

Capturing a sweet banana blend with roasted peanut butter for a delicious vape,  tantalizing the senses.

Ratio: 70/30

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