Juice Cartel Battery Wraps Two Pairs (4) of 18650 JC Branded Battery  - Juice Cartel

Juice Cartel Battery Wraps

  • $1.99

Are your battery wraps damaged or torn from the rigors of use? These Black Battery Wraps are the answer!

These are some of the THICKEST wraps we have found , super durable and easy to shrink into place

Perfect for replacing worn battery wraps or covering custom made battery labels. Simply remove your old wrap & slide over the battery to be repaired , make sure you don't lose your insulator ring for the positive side of the battery and shrink to size using a heat gun or similar device.


Please see below video for step by step instructions 


  • Two Pairs (4) of 18650 JC Branded
  • Two Pairs (4) of 21700 JC Branded


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