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Kenji Range - 60ml Ready To Vape

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Kenji Range - 60ml Ready To Vape


From Malaysia with love comes Kenji


Grape Apple

A handcrafted blend of candy grape and apples to give you a sweet and fruity all day vape with a cool exhale. 


Mango Blackcurrant

The authentic taste of sweet, ripe mango and freshly picked juicy blackcurrant coupled together with an icy cold exhale.


Mango Tropica

Fresh ripe mango and a medley of tropical fruits with a hint of coolness, blended together for a truly exotic taste.


Blackcurrant Mixberries

Very fine combination of blackcurrant and mix berries. This seductive taste will grow on you and have you craving for more with every drag you take! 


Orange Citrus

Florida oranges with undertones of citrus for a refreshingly sharp, fruity kick with a hint of added coolness.


Peach Lemonade

A tasty combination of delicious peaches mixed into a glass of ice cold lemonade.


Strawberry Lychee

The perfect balance of plump strawberries and juicy lychee will definitely have your taste buds addicted.


 Ratio: 70/30

All liquids contain ZERO nicotine

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