Masterblend Range - 60ml Ready To Vape

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An amazing blend of honeydew and berries, Masterblend Greenhut is a deliciously smooth and sweet vape juice flavour. With a hint of koolada, it's an e-liquid you'll want to vape all day!


Fresh and sweet, Masterblend Honeymoon is a vaping experience that will please you, especially if you love strawberry flavoured e-juices. Whether you're on a beach holiday or you're hustling in the city, this medium cold e-liquid flavour will make you feel like you're on honeymoon!


Rich and sweet, Masterblend Superstar is a delicious blackcurrant vape juice flavour, uplifted by a hint of mixed berries. Definitely one of the superstars when it comes to blackcurrant vape juices, this e-liquid is an amazing all-day vape. Blackcurrant e-juice fans, line up to meet this Superstar!


Enjoy the refreshing taste of pomegranate with hints of wild berries in Masterblend Junglebee e-liquid. Sweet, and slightly tangy, this e-liquid flavour is a wild all-day vape!


We came, we saw and we tasted. And what's the verdict? Masterblend Verdict e-liquid is a gorgeous combination of sweet and sour guava that's so refreshing to vape! Try this vape juice today!


An amazing mix of orange and pineapple in a single vape juice gives Masterblend Tromix a taste like no other. Combined citrusy and sweet flavours make this an e-liquid that will make you feel like lazing on the beach. Perhaps that's why they call it Tromix - tropical mix, geddit?


Masterblend MangoKing is an ultra rich and sweet ripe tropical mango e-liquid flavour paired with lychee. With a name like MangoKing, it's no surprise that this e-juice is super tasty. A must try for mango flavour lovers.



Master blend Angelstar is a delicious passion-fruit vape juice flavour. Definitely one of the angelstars when it comes to passion-fruit vape juices, this e-liquid is an amazing all-day vape. Passion-fruit juice fans, line up to meet this Angelstar!


Ratio : 60/40

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