One Up Vapor - 60ML RTV

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Churros Cereal

What better addition to the award winning Churros line than fruit cereal sprinkles? Churros Cereal combines those delectable rainbow crisps with our sugary cinnamon taste.

Churro Ice Cream

We are proud to introduce Churros and Ice Cream from the One Up Lab. It’s full of flavor but is not too heavy as a vape. All team have used this as an all day vape and is truly one of our favorites. 

Strawberry Churro Ice Cream

Churros and Ice Cream was such a big hit; they decided to follow the trend and add a creamy sweet strawberry to our Churros and Ice Cream formula!


This is one mixture of tropical fruits (Guava, Watermelon, Peach) that is so freaking good, that we decided to name the flavor “Orgasm”. The flavor is not too sweet and is an all day vape. An all day orgasm….. humm…. what a thought!

Sour Power

Sour Power is a mixture of green apples and a blend of citrus. It has an apple inhale with citrus and sour notes notes towards the finish It’s a satisfyingly refreshing vape

Strawberry Gummy

The must try flavour for any fan of fresh-picked summer strawberries and delicious gummy candies

Sour Belts 

 A sweet/ sour gummy candy. With the trend of candy flavors on the rise, they decided to infuse the red (strawberry) and green (green apple) sour belts candy together to create the ultimate mouth watering flavor.


RATIO : 70/30

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