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Pourite | Water Pourer | Hulk

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A durable and eye-catching accessory, the Pourite Water Pourer in the forceful "Hulk" design is as powerful as the renowned green hero himself. Introducing the Pourite Water Pourer in the "Hulk" design. This Pourite Water Pourer symbolises strength and durability while also displaying a bit of bright flair, making it the ideal option for individuals who want to make a striking statement with their beverage service.

Height: 280mm
Glass Bowl Width: 64mm
Neck Diameter: 45mm
Rubber Base Width: 100mm
Rubber Base Height: 26mm
Rubber Base Colour: RANDOM
Glass Thickness: 4mm
Grommet Size: 15mm internal, 21mm external inner, 28mm external outer
Grommet Colour: RANDON
Height of Stem: 146mm
Diameter of Stem: 16mm outer
Stem Material: RANDOM Silver aluminium
Nipple Size:  19.5mm outer, 13.5mm outer tapered slip
Nipple hole size: 3.5mm
Shot Hole Size:  9mm diameter

Please Note: Shot Glasses NOT included.

Pourite | Water Pourer | Hulk

Pourite | Water Pourer | Hulk with 2 shot glasses