Priority Blends Range - 60ml Ready To Vape

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A delicious orange cream filled biscuit with a strong sweetness to last you all day.

Crushed Slush

It's that nice slightly cool blue slush that creates nostalgic feelings inside everyone.


5159 is a Fruit Salad flavoured e-liquid, a unique blend of fresh tropical fruits, apple, mango and nectarine.


Caked is a cheesecake and blueberry flavoured e-liquid - mothers freshly baked cheese cake served with blueberries.


Milk'd is a strawberries & cream flavoured e-liquid - Strawberries smothered in creams laid over a bed of cheese-cake.

Sugar Bean

Sugar Bean is a coffee flavoured e-liquid - a mild freshly roasted coffee with an overlay of caramel.


Swango is a mango and cream flavoured e-liquid - sweet juicy ripe mango, with a smooth creamy base . . . Yum.


A succulent peach, with subtle notes of watermelon finished with a strong minty fresh hit, a Priority Blends menthol juice is finally here.


Krusha is a lime milkshake flavored e-liquid, a flash back to your first ever lime milkshake , Pure heaven.


Twerk is a peaches and cream flavored e-liquid - peaches served with whipped sweetened cream and a hint of coconut.


Razzbery is a raspberry flavored e-liquid - Freshly picked raspberries with a scoop of ice cream.

Caramel Toe

Caramel Toe is a caramel custard flavored e-liquid - a strong smooth caramel smothered in custard and creams.

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