Psiquid Range - 60ml RTV

  • $30.00


A butterscotch, crispy rice cereal. Chris created this because he missed his mom, she used to make them for him when he was homesick.


A Turkish style pistachio ice cream inspired by a Turkish restaurant in winter park, Florida.


A creamy peach and mango smoothie that will take your tastebuds on a journey to the warm, sandy beaches of Florida.

Lime Time

Chris had some limes so he sliced them up. He got some more limes and juiced them. He had some soda so he decided it was lime time!!  Fizzy, refreshing, chock full of limey goodness.


Guava jam-filled, buttery, flaky pastry. This liquid was inspired by Chris' travels in South Beach, Miami, a grocery store that made him fatter and a movie shot there.

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