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Rebel X Bogan

Rebel & Bogan - 100ml Ready To Vape

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Rebel & Bogan - 100ml Ready To Vape

Pash My Melons

Who doesn’t love pashing some melons? Stop going for broke and forking out ya hard earned lobsters for dates – get straight to the source! This E-liquid is a mixture of
Passionfruit which puts the Pash in with all the Watermelons, Rock Melons, Honeydew Melons and Sweet Melons, all blended together. Have a crack at this sauce coz it’ll will go like the clappers. Hooroo.

Plum Job

Ok D***heads you know how I love my tobacco flavours and how I love to juggle some “plums” in my mouth!! Plum Job is a Virginian tobacco blend mixed with the juiciest plums creating the perfect balance between tobacco and fruit in an E-liquid that you will ever taste. Righto, I’ll see ya when I’m looking at ya!

Sik Currrnt

Oi! What’s the John Dory ya Sik Currrnt? Arc up and get your cookie dusters wet on thissauce – it’s the cat’s pyjamas. This Sik Currrnt is black currant flavour infused with hints of the sweetest cherries that will surely pop your cherry. Go on, chuck it in ya cart, ya gutless wonder!