Ripe Vapes - VCT Private Reserve 60ml Ready To Vape

  • $24.99
  • Save $20

The much awaited for VCT Private Reserve 60ML has finally arrived here at Juice Cartel and it is one of the best things to happen to the vaping community.


VCT Private Reserve has the flavor profile of a vanilla custard mixed with tobacco. These e juices has been aged in french oak barrels for 90 days before being bottled up and sent out. The inhale consist of the vanilla taste that is so creamy and rich that your mouth will drool like a waterfall. Upon exhaling is when the custard comes into play and a little tiny bit of tobacco. The e liquid is so high end and delicious that even non tobacco lovers will either not be able to taste it or love it completely.

The throat hit is smooth and subtle. There is no burning or charring sensation to be found so it is pure paradise the whole time.


If you are looking for high end vape juice and want to vape on the best of the best then look no further.

It does not get any better than VCT Private Reserve!

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