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Rolling Tray Pack | Green Leaves

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The "Green Leaves" Rolling Tray Pack is a must-have accessory for every person who enjoys smoking. It features an entrancing design of green leaves. This meticulously designed package will take your smoking experience to the next level by providing you with all of the necessities you want for a rolling and smoking session that goes off without a hitch.

The following items are contained within the pack: 

1. Rolling Tray (18cm x 14cm): This rolling tray, which displays a vivid Weed Leaf pattern, is the star of the show and is sure to fuel your interest for all things related to the environment. If you want, you can go with the Weed Leaves with 420 design to show your support for the cannabis culture in a more fashionable manner. This tray was meticulously crafted, and it features a large surface area, making it ideal for rolling cigarettes, packing tobacco, and arranging other smoking accessories.

2. Bob Marley King Size Hemp Rolling Papers (110mm): Roll up some of your favourite herbs with these premium-quality, king-sized hemp rolling papers and pay homage to the famous Bob Marley at the same time. While you enjoy your smoke, you may look forwards to a clean burn and see images of the legendary Bob Marley.

3. 5cm diameter Acrylic Grinder: Utilise the long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing acrylic grinder to finely chop all of your herbs. Because of its small size, it is ideal for use when travelling, guaranteeing that your herbs are always prepared for a satisfying smoke whenever you light up.

4. 8cm Aluminium Dry Pipe : Using the aluminium dry pipe will provide you with a one-of-a-kind smoking experience. The casing of the pipe is made of smooth silver anodized aluminium and is decorated with cutouts of stars and the moon, giving it an otherworldly appearance that is absolutely out of this world.

5. 5 pack silver mesh screens designed for the pipe cone: Using these silver mesh screens, you can ensure that your pipe is always clean and clear of ash and debris. Each screen has been carefully crafted to provide a snug fit in the pipe cone, resulting in a more pleasurable and delightful smoking experience overall.

Rolling Tray Pack | Green Leaves

Rolling Tray Pack | Green Leaves bob marley rolling paper, green grinder, 8cm dry pipe