Silk Road Vapour Range - 30ml Ready To Vape

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Crushed watermelon and ice! Throw in a touch of berry syrup and a hint of peach, perfect for a warm sunny afternoon. Very refreshing!


It all starts with ripe banana's, full cream milk, a touch of brown sugar and a hint of cinnamon. A fresh velvety taste that rolls off the tongue. Definitely a summertime favourite!


Rich and nutty banana bread fresh from the oven. A crispy exterior with a warm fluffy interior. Complete with a pinch of cinnamon sugar and drizzled with home made vanilla syrup


Who doesn’t love a warm soft home made cinnamon doughnut, straight out of the fryer! Extra cinnamon sugar added on top is a must!!!


Nothing tastes quite as good as rich creamy vanilla custard poured over a warm pudding on a winter’s night. This is our very own vanilla custard with a twist. We have added hints of butterscotch and caramel, providing a warm dense flavour. A winter favourite


Straight from the kitchen to the bottle! A careful mixture of home made butter, thickened cream, fresh vanilla bean, dark vanilla syrup and castor sugar. Blend it all together and you have the best cookie dough there ever was.


An explosion of pineapple tapioca jelly pearls mixed in with a fresh blend of apple and peach juice. Quite the mouthful, we know!!!


A fresh strawberry milkshake topped with a healthy scoop of Neapolitan ice cream then drizzled with sweet strawberry syrup. This isn't your average corner store milkshake!!! 


A strong blend of nutty tobacco with a touch of butterscotch and vanilla. Save it for the special occasions, its worth it.


Too good to share, too great not to!  A sugar dusted sweet apple candy inhale with a pinch of tarty sourness. Pucker up!


Some say the wild amounts of green tea consumed by Cpt Bubs will lead to eternal life. Others say he is just addicted to the sweet Bahraini apple contained within. All we know is green tea is refreshingly tasty, and so are apples. Combine them, ice them, and they're fit for a Captain.


Banyós, commonly referred to as Banyip in the depths of the wilderness, was quite a fruity character, a peach hunter, if you will. By selecting the juiciest crimson peaches that nature has to offer then layering with the fluffiest sugar whipped cream from the local dairy farm, Banyós created the worlds finest 'just peaches and cream'.


Steamey was never one to restrict his appetite to roads well traveled, always pushing the boundaries, a real locomotive of a gentleman.While the delicate blend of sour kiwi, ripe strawberry and African watermelon may be somewhat common, the addition of velvety vienna cream, rich vanilla and smooth caramel expresses those core values of roads untraveled. 
Blend, mix, mash, stir, do as you will, this one is steam training into the purple mist.


Mrs. Choongs favourite childhood activity was harvesting sun drenched mulberries and boysenberries from the neighbours tree on a warm sunny afternoon.
Combine with a wedge fresh peach, a touch of apple, and you have one of the finest summer drinks the mythical mastermind has ever created.

The Doc

Hard at work, The Doc carefully crafted glassy mint toffee then blended it with rich Belgian milk chocolate. The master introduced thick and fluffy vanilla ice cream and as easy as that, the worlds most velvety smooth Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream was created. 


For such a fruity fellow, nothing but the freshest sun kissed bananas. Deep fried in a crispy batter with rich vanilla and brown sugar. Topped with a drizzle of smoked caramel and you have yourself one fine Geebin.

Ratio: 70/30

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