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Silk Road Vapour

Silk Road Vapour Range - 60ml Ready To Vape

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Silk Road Vapour Range - 60ml Ready To Vape

Apple Sour Straps

Apple | Candy | Sour

Milk bar memories ? Sour fans love the tangy explosion that accompanies every vape.

Banana Bake

Banana | Nut | Crust

Warm fresh out of the oven banana bake topped with a nutty crust that will make you come running back for more! 

Watermelon Crush

Watermelon | Peach | Ice

Like summer in a glass! Crisp, refreshing, and bursting with sweet watermelon flavour, you’re going to be sipping on this one all season long.

Black Honey Tobacco

Tobacco | Honey | Oak

Capturing the sweet, complex flavour of the finest dark pipe tobacco, Black Honey Tobacco is sure to scratch your itch

Banana Smoothie

Banana | Milk | Cinnamon

Here’s the perfect banana smoothie recipe: frothy, creamy, and just the right sweet flavor. Mixed with a dash of cinnamon, perfect for an all day vape

Cin City

Cinnamon | Doughnut | Sugar

Picture a timeless, fried, doughnut covered in cinnamon sugar.  A sweet yet flavorsome signature taste that’s guaranteed to melt in your mouth with each puff.

Silky Milky Road

Strawberry | Milk | Syrup

Does your milkshake bring the boys to the yard? - If not this flavour SURE will!

Indulge yourself in a light dreamy sweet Strawberry Milkshake with a generous helping of whipped cream. This mouth-watering juice is the perfect way to chill your mind and refresh your senses. 

Pineapple J-Bomb

Pineapple | Jelly | Apple

Fresh and juicy, our J-bomb flavour is like a wobbly bowl of tropical sunshine, perfection to vape on a hot summers day.

Nonna's Cookie Dough

Dough | Vanilla Bean | Cream

Just like the freshly baked cookies your Nonna would make. Not only will this flavour awaken your senses, your vape will carry the sensation of a gourmet bakery minus the calories or the crumbs!

Hillside Custard

Custard | Vanilla | Caramel

A classic combination that's been delighting vapers alike since creation, Smells like you just walked into a French crème patisserie- mix of custard, caramel & vanilla. 

What more could you ask for?

(More flavours to come)

Silk Road Vapour Range - 60ml Ready To Vape