Solomons Clouds - 30ml RTV Range

  • $12.00


This mix of sweet berries is reminiscent of the red gummy frogs a lot of us use to demolish as a kid. Named after the dance you'll unwittingly perform after your first taste of razzle dazzle, you'll be a-razzlin and a-dazzlin


A favourite of our juice chef, this strawberry cheesecake flavour is reminiscent of family gatherings, and that strawberry cheesecake grandma use to make that would have everyone coming back for seconds, and then having to unbutton their pants afterwards. We recommend not unbuttoning your pants when vaping, unless its in the privacy of your own home. 


A delicious cinnamon free, deep fried raspberry jam donut. On the inhale your mouth is treated to an explosion of raspberry that'll leave you weak at the knees and begging for more. The doughnut flavour follows suit on the exhale. All the jam donut you can handle, with none of the calories


Graporade has been the bane of our juice chefs existence, resulting in many sleepless nights over the past year. After much experimentation and many litres of juice so bad it'll make your hair fall out, we present to you Graporade (version 70.3). A mix between grape lollies and everyones favourite post bender purple drink, this grape flavour wont make your hair fall out (we promise)

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