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Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers Ejuice Range - 120ml Ready To Vape

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Sticky Fingers Ejuice Range - 120ml Ready To Vape

Cali Cola
A glass of refreshing Cola. Inspired by the streets of California. This is ADV material. A perfect Cola Blend.

Cherry Cali Cola
Think a glass of refreshing Cola that's been hit with a cherry bomb. Tastes just like your childhood. Guaranteed to tickle your taste buds!

Purple Haze
A trip back to the 60's through a rainbow wormhole. You just touched down in the midst to Woodstock. A blend of Galactic Grape and Mind-Bending Blackcurrant. This E liquid is out of this world

Granny Smith
The sticky Fingers teams favourite E juice, it took us month to get this one right, and it paid off! Not your ordinary apple. Fresh Flavourful, Crisp Green Apples with subtle hints of summer. Tasty and refreshing.

Banana Ice Cream 
A blow of straight up Banana ice cream. Delicious, Creamy and Refreshing. This one will have you back wanting more!

Bula Boso
Inspired by our brothers in the South Pacific, Fiji. Smooth, fresh and creamy, this one tastes like sunshine in a bottle!
A delicate blend of coconut, Strawberry and crunchy biscuits, Bula Boso will leave you wanting more!

Blue Titanic
Clear your lungs with a fresh icy BLAST of blueberries, grapes and other yummy things. Not for the faint hearted. Blue Titanic is a blissful mix for the Fruity Menthol lovers.

Lychee Peach Guava

Lychee. Peach. Guava - Its all in the name. The newest addition to the Sticky Fingers Range, and already one of our favourites. This summer-inspired blend of Juicy Lychees, Tasty Peaches and Tart Guavas is a real crowd pleaser! 

Kiwi Watermelon

Cool off during the Summer with our refreshing blend of KiwiFruit and Watermelon. With a slight hint of menthol, this one will be sure to please the Fruit Fanatics out there!

Ratio: 65/35 


 Sticky Fingers Ejuice Range - 120ml Ready To Vape Australian E-liquids Sticky Fingers