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Strapped Sherbets Range - 100ml Ready To Vape

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Strapped Sherbets Range - 100ml Ready To Vape


Straight from the UK, Strapped E-Liquid

Blue Raspberry

A berry fruit blend noted for its tart taste. A fusion of tangy blue raspberry and fizzy sherbet creates a bittersweet flavour throughout.


A combination of dark, tart grape and sugary sherbet creates a balanced eliquid.


Rich sweet and tangy Mango flavour surrounded by a tingly sherbet taste!

Lime Grapefruit

A sugary sherbet base is fused with a sharp, zesty partnership of lime and grapefruit for a layered vape.


A juicy cherry and sugary sherbet complement each other throughout for a balanced eliquid ideal for sweet tooth vapers.


A play between rich and fizzy notes. A sugary sherbet base is complemented by dark, juicy blackcurrant for a distinct eliquid.

Ratio : 70/30

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