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Sub-Zero | Ice Mango Blackcurrant

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Elevate your vaping experience with Sub-Zero Ice Mango Blackcurrant. This e-liquid combines the scrumptious fruitiness of Malay mango with the classic sweetness of blackcurrants, all intertwined with a deep and intense icy sensation. With each puff, you'll savor the delightful fusion of these flavours, creating a vaping experience that's fruity, sweet, and refreshingly cool. Let the mango and blackcurrant flavours transport your taste buds to new heights, promising a thrilling and icy journey that's both satisfying and exhilarating.

Ratio: 70/30

Size: 100ml

Sub-Zero | Ice Mango Blackcurrant

Sub-Zero | Ice Mango Blackcurrant 100ml bottle and box