The One Range - 100ml Ready To Vape

  • $34.99

Strawberry Milk

This sweet breakfast in a bottle has everything you need to make your day delicious - fresh-baked strawberry doughnut, crispy fruit cereal, with a splash of cold milk. You’ll make it The One for you, from morning to midnight!

Blueberry Donut

For delicious start to your day, load up your tank with this breakfast e-liquid. The One Blueberry is a delightful blend of oven fresh donuts topped with crunchy sweet cereal and juicy blueberries, drenched in smooth refreshingly creamy ice-cold milk for a fruity milky pastry vape.

Marshmallow Milk

Experience the delicious, melt in your mouth flavor of marshmallows with a crumble of cinnamon cereal donuts, drenched in creamy, sweet milk. 

Apple Cinnamon

Crisp Fuji apples baked into warm cinnamon donuts and dunked in ice cold milk. 

Lemon Crumble Cake

The One features the Lemon Crumble Cake, a mouthwatering, moist cake blended with a tart lemon filling with sweet crumbles and powdered sugar..

Vanilla Custard

For Beard, only the warmest fresh doughnuts will do, they then fill them to bursting with the creamiest vanilla custard around!


Ratio : 70/30

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