Watermelon Fiesta E-liquid Range - 100ml RTV

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If sugary and tart candies still excite your taste buds beyond belief, Watermelon Fiesta vape juice is going to be your new vape juice of choice. Watermelon Fiesta ejuice nails that watermelon-flavored candy that makes our tongues tingle with joy.

When you inhale Watermelon Fiesta vape juice, a powerful dose of sour watermelon flavor will make you salivate instantly. On the exhale, candy sugar will deliver sensations of pure happiness to your sweet tooth.



Bubblegum Splash by Watermelon Fiesta 100ml is a must-have flavor for anyone who loves watermelon flavoured candies This juicy, sticky bubblegum flavour is oozing with the fresh juice of crisp and sweet watermelon. You’ll feel refreshed by the coolness of the watermelon flavor while the intense sweetness of the bubblegum makes your sweet tooth jump for joy.

As you inhale, the cool watermelon juice drifts across your palate, rejuvenating you with its thirst-quenching taste. Then, the familiar bubblegum taste begins to make its presence known. With each exhale, the flavor becomes intensely sweet.


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