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Wild Kraken

Wild Kraken Range - 60ml Ready To Vape

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Wild Kraken Range - 60ml Ready To Vape


Product of Secret Bunker


Inhale: Sweet Dough and Vanilla.
Exhale: Soft Doughnut flesh, with rich sweet glazing.

No need to rush out to KKs to grab you favourite box of originally glazed doughnuts.
Fresh off the production roller, soft glazed doughnuts are ready to lace your taste buds without the added calories.



Inhale: Ripe sweet purple grape.
Exhale: Grape chewing gum.



Inhale: Smooth age cured pipe tobacco, rounded up with toffee and caramel.
Exhale: Rich and sweet leathery tones with traditional tobacco accents only felt via pipe smoking. A splash of custard rounds up the experience at the very end.



A fresh mix of mango, rockmelon, grape and paw paw with a hint of mystery.



Just what your taste buds have been begging for! A traditional Creme Caramel made by the little old school patisserie nestled in the quiet streets of France.
Jelly Custard takes ownership of your palette while the underlying rich vanilla highlights the experience. Just when you thought it was over the exhale farewells you with a spoonful of rich cream and that “just right” caramelized topping.



Inhale: Sweet blue raspberry.
Exhale: Chewy, gummy blue bear lollies.


Ratio: 70/30

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