Wotofo NexMesh Coils for Wotofo Profile 1.5 - 10 Pack

  • $8.99

To cater to more vapers, 3 options of mesh coil have been included: NexMesh Chill, nexMesh Turbo and nexMesh Extreme.

Please note that the new mesh is not interchangeable with the original Profile RDA mesh in that its 1.4 times the area of the original one.

  • NexMesh Extreme (0.16ohm)

NexMesh Extreme is the refined woven wire mesh derived from the original wire mesh. Its secret resides in the accurate usage of wires. Flavour production can vary drastically with tiny little difference in mesh patterns including the weaving, the crimping, the spacing and the wire. To further help understand what power nexMesh Extreme has, we’ll use an analogy: nexMesh Extreme is to mesh as complex Clapton is to single-strand coil. In essence, nexMesh Extreme offers larger coiling surface area in a micro way than normal mesh strips, thus increases vapor production and enhance flavour production.

Performance: Robust and strong, a vigorously warmer flavor experience, heavy vapor production.

  • NexMesh Turbo (0.13ohm)

NexMesh Turbo is the high-density perforated mesh strip similar to nexMesh Chill. It offers a faster ramp up time and provides large contact surface to the e-liquid. The result? More vapor with more possibilities to taste more notes in e-liquids within lesser time.

Performance: Bold and clear, a more heightened flavour experience, thick vapor production.

  • NexMesh Chill (0.15ohm)

NexMesh Chill is the strip of vape metal with properly punched holes in it to form a mesh-like structure. It offers even heat distribution and fast heating speed. With precise control on meshing, nexMesh Chill is able to break down the flavor profile in the e-liquid and allow more definite taste sensation.

Performance: Smooth and mellow, a more laid-back flavour experience, great vapor production.

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