Yami Vapor Range - 100ml Ready To Vape

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We are Yami Vapor, a delectable collection of premium e-liquids, ranging from exotic mix of fruits, to heavenly desserts, custards, and candies. With just over ten flavors to choose from the Yami juice line alone, we have one simple goal; to please your tastebuds. 


The perfect dessert flavor. It consists of a warm flaky crust dessert filled with rich, smooth, and sumptuous custard. Think of one of the most popular desserts in all of Europe and Asia, known throughout the world as a Portuguese Egg Tart or Dan Ta in Asia, and this embodies just that.


A flavour fit for a king. Take an exotic vacation with me to pick the ripest mangoes and tropical mangosteen, blend them together and arrive at your destination with each inhale and exhale. 


By Yami Vapors follows up with a brand new, delicious, and tantalizing flavour, Milkgat; presenting itself as a sweet, smooth, and delicious Milk Nougat.


On a Japanese excursion when there is only one think you are craving... juice. Ask for Juice, and you shall receive Juusu. Juusu by Yami Vapor is a mesmerizing unity of juicy peach, plump lychee and crisp apples. 

Icy Trio 

By Yami Vapor is the third flavor introduced into the Yami Vapor E-Juice line, following the bestseller, Taruto. Icy Trio presents a refreshing "trio" of strawberry, kiwi, and lychee with a sweet and cool menthol.

Butter Brew 

A magical butterscotch flavor that you do not have to travel into a dark and dusty pub or mystical alley for. The perfect creamy brew of butterscotch topped with delicious foam will take you for an otherworldly ride.


A revitalizing combination of invigorating menthol, freshly sliced passion fruit, sun-kissed orange, and freshly picked guava. The flavours of Yuki is an intricate weave of lush tropical fruit flavours cradled by a frosty dash of menthol. Yuki by Yami Vapor is a delicious Hawaiian POG flavour that is presented in a ultra premium packaging.


A delicious tropical blend made of passion fruit, orange, and guava. This typhoon of refreshing fruit flavours is sure to sweep your taste buds away to a white sand tropical getaway. Plane ticket not included. Mika by Yami Vapour is a delightful Hawaiian POG presented in a ultra premium packaging.


Gorudo by Yami Vapor features the flavours of a roasted Japanese sweet potato, patiently cooked over a flame until caramelized to perfection. Gorudo brings you a classic flavor from Satsuma, a nostalgic treat served for over 400 years.


Kemuri is a signature tobacco flavoured juice with a sweet and smooth blend of barrel aged Kentucky bourbon, aromatic southern tobacco, and a rich madagascar vanilla.

Ratio: 70/30

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