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Lane's BBQ

Lane's BBQ | Magic Dust HOT | 331gm

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Awaken Your Taste Senses with 331g of Lane's Bbq Magic Dust HOT

The much-loved Magic Dust has just heated up! Everything you love about the original Magic Dust is enhanced with a flaming twist in Lane's Bbq Magic Dust HOT. Your grilling game will be sizzling all summer long and well into the rest of the year with this sweet fireball of flavour.

For those who want a little more heat, Magic Dust HOT amps up the heat while maintaining all of the original Magic Dust's enticing features. It's the perfect partner for people who love strong, fiery flavours because of its enchanted sweet and spicy flavour profile.

With Lane's BBQ Magic Dust HOT, your grilling and cooking experiences will be elevated. This seasoning is your pass to a flavor-filled, year-round adventure, whether you're an experienced pit master or a backyard BBQ fan. Prepare to increase the temperature with Lane's Bbq Magic Dust HOT.

Lane's BBQ | Magic Dust HOT | 331gm

Lane's BBQ | Magic Dust HOT | 331gm bottle