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Planet X

Planet X | Flower Power Metal Ashtray

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We are pleased to introduce Planet X Flower Power Metal Ashtray, the utmost essential accessory for every person who enjoys smoking. This ashtray is not only long-lasting because to its construction out of high-quality metal, but it also stands out thanks to its striking and distinctive appearance.

This ashtray is a great way to bring a dash of colour to any smoking area because to its pastel yellow and pink colour scheme. Because of its small size, it is convenient for use both at home and when the user is travelling. This ashtray is both a stylish and functional addition to your home, making it ideal for use whether you're smoking by yourself or hosting visitors.

This ashtray's four notched supports allow it to handle numerous sticks at once, making it an excellent choice for use during smoking sessions with a group of people. Because of its construction out of metal, it is also quite simple to clean and maintain, which will ensure that it will continue to be useful for many years to come.

Measurements: 13.5cm Outer Dia x 10cm Inner Dia x 2cm H

Planet X | Flower Power Metal Ashtray

Planet X | Flower Power Metal Ashtray with sprinkles in a cup with a straw and a flower pot