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Warral Maldon Honey

Warral Maldon Honey

Warral Maldon Honey

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Enjoy Warral Maldon Honey's Taste of Tradition.

Warral Maldon, tucked away in the quaint town bearing its name, is dedicated to providing you with the best honey you've ever had the pleasure of tasting.

The present owner's great-great-grandfather fell in love with the world of bees in 1896, which marked the start of this trip. This family has devoted more than 125 years to honing the craft of apiculture and building an unrivalled legacy of beekeeping.

Warral Maldon Honey is unequalled in quality and authenticity since each jar can be traced back to the exact treetop where the journey started. Savouring the golden taste of Warral Maldon Honey is more than just tasting honey—it's an opportunity to immerse yourself in a century-old custom that has been handed down through the years.

With Warral Maldon Honey, experience the flavour of heritage, excellence, and a family's steadfast commitment. It's more than simply honey—it's a tale as delightful as the nectar itself.

River Red Gum Signature Honey - 450g

River red gum honey is clear and golden, full of flavour. A particulary thick honey that’s smooth on the palate.

Gaint Mallee Goat Track Signature Honey - 450g

A beautiful, medium amber colour that’s strong, buttery and pleasant on the tongue with medium complexity and a slight creaminess.

Warral Maldon Table Premium Honey - 500g/1kg

Our 100% pure Australian honey is sourced from our very own bees who forage happily on native flora across Victoria and New South Wales. This is our top-shelf yellow box, red gum, grey box and ironbark varieties making for premium table honey. 

Warral Maldon Honey

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