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DIY 14G Blunt Needle (Luer Lock)

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Utilising a 14-gram DIY blunt needle (Luer lock), mix precisely.

The DIY 14G Blunt Needle with Luer Lock is an essential tool for the connoisseur DIY e-liquid mixologist that makes mixing e-liquids exact, regulated, and effective. These needles are made with the needs of do-it-yourselfers in mind, and they simplify the process of measuring and transferring materials.

Our 14-Gauge DIY Blunt Needles with Luer Lock are made with precision and security in mind. They make sure that all of the elements in your e-liquid are easily accessible and transferrable. A safe and leak-proof connection is made possible by the Luer Lock feature, which also helps to avoid spills and mishaps when mixing.

For thicker liquids like VG, the 14G size works great because it makes it easy to manage even the most sticky components. These blunt needles streamline and expedite the process of adding flavour concentrates, nicotine, and other ingredients to your e-liquids.

When handling e-liquid ingredients, there is less chance of mishap because to the blunt tip's ease of handling and safety. With these needles, you can make e-liquids consistently and precisely, regardless of your level of skill as a mixologist.

DIY 14G Blunt Needle (Luer Lock)

DIY 14G Blunt Needle (Luer Lock)