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Pourite | Water Pourer | Coco

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We are pleased to introduce the Pourite Water Pourer in the magnificent "Coco" design. This multipurpose accessory is not only practical but also lends an air of sophistication to any occasion in which it is used to serve guests. Although it is suitable for a variety of events, the "Elegant Dinner Party Pourer" application featured here is one of its most popular uses.

Pourite's Elegant Dinner Party Pourer is an accessory that will take the quality of your dining and beverage service to the next level. Every pour will be an elegant and polished experience when you use this stunning pourer, which is the perfect accessory for a home or commercial bar and is simple to operate.

Height: 160mm

Glass Bowl Width: 77mm

Neck Diameter: 33mm

Glass Thickness: 3mm

Grommet Size: 15mm internal, 21mm external inner, 28mm external outer

Grommet Colour: RANDOM

Height of Stem: 103mm

Diameter of Stem: 16mm outer

Stem Material: RANDOM Silver aluminium

Nipple Size:  19.5mm outer, 13.5mm outer tapered slip

Nipple hole size: 3.5mm

Shot Hole Size:  7mm diameter

Please Note: Shot Glasses NOT included.

Pourite | Water Pourer | Coco

Pourite | Water Pourer | Coco with 2 shot glasses